Long Island Search Engine Optimization for Less Update Announcements

If you’re not in any way involved with online marketing, you’ll most likely have no idea how search engines like Google operate when yielding results. To provide you with quality information, search engines develop complex algorithms for evaluating and filtering information. For this year, Google has announced only one algorithm update so far, and online marketers have been wondering why.

From a substantial number of announcements in 2012, Google has drastically reduced its updates by more than half until only one has been released this year, as of press time. A Searchengineland.com article projected that there might be fewer algorithm updates in the next few years for two possible main reasons: the roll-out of more advanced algorithms that go undetected and a positive transformation in webpages’ content. Either way, businesses are better off with a Long Island search engine optimization (SEO) company to guide them when more developments take shape.


Long Island Search Engine Optimization Company Helps You Rank Higher

Every business owner who’s taken their trade into cyberspace wants to bring in as many customers as possible; however, such an effort may go to waste if nobody could even find them in a list of search engine results. In his article for Inc.com, Adam Heitzman said it was a matter of being able to sink or swim with the current if you want to get more visibility online and land a good customer share.

Such efforts require more focus on search engine optimization (SEO), which is primarily about tweaking your business’ website to help it be seen in the very first page of search results. Some online business experts claim that getting the higher rankings may lead to more customers calling you up and a higher number of successful transactions. To make it possible, you have to seek the assistance of a Long Island search engine optimization company like Wilson Digital Marketing.


Long Island Search Engine Optimization Methods Work in the Blogosphere

A survey of local blog listings reveals over 100 pages offering information on various topics, from business services to tourist spots. If your official blog needs some love on the online search front, you must contact a Long Island search engine optimization company like Wilson Digital Marketing for the appropriate solutions.
The Bigger Slab of Meat
Many online marketers swear by the adage “content is king” – something you should apply to your blog material as well. Atia cited cases in his own blog when posts written by guest bloggers fell short of 400 words and deemed unfit for publishing. A good SEO content piece, even for a blog, would have to be roughly 1,000 words and should not contain any plagiarized material.